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About the task collection

This collection offers teachers and their students about 20 rich assessment tasks at each Grade 3 through 8, linked to your state standards.

For each task there are four downloadable pdf files providing:

Who is it for?

These tasks are for teachers who want to assess their students on real mathematics while staying close to the state standards. Students soon learn that these tasks require them to think mathematically and not just try to remember procedures. This helps students build the more robust conceptual understanding that improves their performance

Who can use it?

The full task database is available to participating institutions only - this is normally negotiated at school district level.

If your district is licensed, your school district/authority should have supplied you with a group name, a user name and password. Teachers in licensed districts may print and copy these materials for use within their school only.

How can you use these tasks?

Each task is designed to take the students from 5 to 15 minutes; with discussion each will support one class period.

There are various useful ways to use the tasks:

The principle behind these suggestions is research showing that moving students into ‘teacher roles’, such as:

raises the student’s level of thinking and learning

What is MARS?

MARS – Mathematics Assessment Resource Service – is a collaboration between teams at Michigan State University, University of California, Berkeley and the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education at Nottingham. It works with school systems across the US that seek higher standards in Mathematics, providing tools for assessment and associated professional development.